Thursday, May 9, 2013

and it begins..

this is the day!

finally bit the bullet and started it! this idea has been gnawing inside my brain for weeks now, itching to come out of conceptualization process alone and into fruition.. countless ideas and constant push and pull of my wits to whether do this or accept the fact that it could never be something i can do.  to execute or not was just beyond any brain noise i could possibly tolerate, while being surrounded with noisy and rambunctious kids at the same time. it's true that once you plant a seed of idea into your brain, it never shuts up, it starts to grow and outgrow what you can handle during your waking hours and, well, you could envision something like leaves and branches growing out of your ears and scalp. it basically consumes your every second and i guess there's nothing else left to do but to ACT ON THE IDEA, right? so here I am......(one small step, but one GIANT leap for me) sorry just had to! :D

i am beyond excited, and thanks to my hubster for fixing the computer and making it super faaaast, that i finally am getting to this! this is as raw as blogging can get and while blogging now has been so majorly hyped-up, i know and i am clear in my head that i am blogging for my own personal use and if it gets noticed, then, hey, that would be super duper great!

this blog, by the way, is about everything pinterest, and my adventures of trying to recreate all sorts of these perfect ideas that would surely improve our lives in general. i am so addicted with pinterest and now, i am beginning to get proactive, to stop pinning, and to start trying! although i have saved thousands of these great recipes, DIYs, sewing projects and etc., i haven't done any of these projects. what this means is that, although the instructions are all clearly explained and presented, i don't trust myself at all to find the motivation to even try because of the big probability of failure that i am facing. and i was thinking, maybe creating a blog about my would-be pinterest adventures stirs up a motivation in me to even just try. and so here goes! hmmm.. i wonder what would be my first pinteresting project!