Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hello there! i am so excited for this post! this is our fist summer in our own house and i real want it to be special! so along with the kids, we made a list of summer activities that we can do all throughout the summer.. we decided on a stay-cation kinda summer because along with a new house, we are also trying to straighten out our budget and finance side as we now have to consider mortgage payments and  all other good stuff that come with owning a home.. the list is sort of a guide for us to know what will be in store for the day.. some of these things we already do, and some are pulled straight frooommm..... well, pinterest! of course!:)

the activities that made on our list are almost free or economical, or using recycled things that we would have otherwise thrown out.. so that's a plus! i also want to teach my kids how to be resourceful and innovative and especially have fun in the process.. and most are to be enjoyed by both my girls and my boy.. and also, things that all three of them can enjoy taking into consideration the differences on their ages..  and also these things are to be mostly executed by them, starting from planning it, to execution, and of course, to enjoying what they have worked for.. when i had three kids, i stayed away from thinking "how am i going to entertain my kids today".. my kids usually find things to do in the house and would ask me for things if they need any assistance. but i bring them to libraries and stock up on a lot of books at a time, and i love how that gives them endless hours to kill with minimal supervision on my part, and that's good!  the plan is to pick 3-5 activities everyday and start planning on sundays to get the supplies ready.. in the past, we have some ideas not seen in fruition simply because we didn't have the supplies ready and i was too lazy to go to the store with 3 kids in tow.. 
i'm sure there are lots of tutorials on some on the list here or here..:)

so here goes: 

  1.  eat ice cream
  2. make summer journal
  3. Plant in the backyard
  4. play outside
  5. go to the beach
  6. go to the zoo
  7. go to the aquarium
  8. eat ice pop
  9. read a book under the tree
  10. learn how to draw
  11. Paint
  12. play with chalk
  13. learn new words each day
  14. arts and crafts
  15. learn a new song
  16. clean the playroom
  17. help mama clear the dishwasher
  18. bake
  19. watch tv for an hour
  20. play teacher with jaeda
  21. go to the library
  22. play in the backyard
  23. grocery with mama
  24. clean the backyard
  25. play with water sprinklers
  26. make water balloons
  27. learn how to ride a bike without training wheels
  28. scooter
  29. learn to spell a word each day
  30. learn how to tell time
  31. learn about money (coins and paper)
  32. learn about countries/capital
  33. learn and make different flags of countries
  34. learn about 50 states/capital
  35. take a nap
  36. clean/organize clothes/shoes closet 
  37. study addition and subtraction
  38. make and drink a smoothie/shake
  39. BBQ dinner
  40. plan the girls' bday parties
  41. learn new crafts
  42. make birdfeeders
  43. learn about bugs/insectropolis
  44. collect rocks
  45. plaint stones
  46. go fishing
  47. crabbing
  48. ride a boat
  49. go to friendly's
  50. go to Rita's
  51. make a toy
  52. play with Jaeda
  53. water the plants
  54. help mama vacuum
  55. climb a tree
  56. visit  a pet adoption center
  57. learn about proper caring of teeth
  58. learn a prayer
  59. clean room
  60. "cook" with Jaeda using play dough
  61. make lemonade
  62. make ice candy
  63. Play Wii for 2 hours
  64. play with remote control cars outside
  65. Pool
  66. bake cakes
  67. quiet time
  68. exercise
  69. wake up early and watch sunrise
  70. watch sunset at Island Heights
  71. visit Jersey beaches
  72. visit the lighthouses
  73. carwash day
  74. help daddy with his car
  75. help mama fold/put away laundry
  76. visit Ocean County libraries
  77. go on a treasure hunt
  78. swim in YMCA
  79. Play BINGO
  80. Hopscotch
  81. Camping
  82. finger painting
  83. blow bubbles
  84. write your own story
  85. I SPY game
  86. make pancakes for dinner
  87. walk around the neighborhood
  88. do your chores
  89. learn a new sport
  90. lawn bowling using old bottles 
  91. water Pinatas
  92. ring toss with glow sticks at night
  93. decorate your flipflops with foam stickers
  94. cardboard slide and stairs
  95. make a fort
  96. sidewalk painting(1c cornstarch, 1cwater, food coloring)
  97. doll boat in the bathtub (using plastic bottles and duct tape)
  98. alphabet treasure hunt
  99. cardboard, papertowel tubes, and make a racetrack
  100. river using foil, and bottle caps for boats
  101. trace yourselves with chalk
  102. hide and seek
  103. water guns
  104. build an outside fort
  105. walk with a mission (list i.e. # of cars, sort colors of houses or flowers)
  106. make paper airplanes
  107. slip and slide
  108. make your own movie
  109. science experiments
  110. race hot wheels
  111. picnic
  112. marshmallow building (mallows and toothpicks)
  113. make your own pizza
  114. lunch with dad at work
  115. fondue night
  116. catch fireflies
  117. family bike rides
  118. watch a movie
  119. make a time capsule
  120. play catch
  121. see fireworks
  122. mail letters
  123. fly a kite
  124. go to the playground
  125. do a puzzle
  126. play frisbee
  127. make recycled crayons
  128. PVC "car wash"
  129. visit museums
  130. make your own book marks
  131. noodle marble runs
  132. collect seashells and make a wind chime
  133. make a cardboard house
  134. make play dough (1c white four, 1cwarm water, 2T salt, 2T cream of tartar, 2 Tcooking oil, jello)
  135. bean bag/ball toss
  136. visit planetarium
  137. make color walk (paint on feet and walk on paper)
  138. make ice eggs using water balloons
  139. make human bubble wrap (5gal hot-ish water, i container corn syrup, mix, i container Dawn dish
  140. learn tagalog
  141. shaving cream foam
  142. circle painting
  143. play musical instrument
  144. make your own bath paint
  145. make a car mobile

Thursday, May 9, 2013

and it begins..

this is the day!

finally bit the bullet and started it! this idea has been gnawing inside my brain for weeks now, itching to come out of conceptualization process alone and into fruition.. countless ideas and constant push and pull of my wits to whether do this or accept the fact that it could never be something i can do.  to execute or not was just beyond any brain noise i could possibly tolerate, while being surrounded with noisy and rambunctious kids at the same time. it's true that once you plant a seed of idea into your brain, it never shuts up, it starts to grow and outgrow what you can handle during your waking hours and, well, you could envision something like leaves and branches growing out of your ears and scalp. it basically consumes your every second and i guess there's nothing else left to do but to ACT ON THE IDEA, right? so here I am......(one small step, but one GIANT leap for me) sorry just had to! :D

i am beyond excited, and thanks to my hubster for fixing the computer and making it super faaaast, that i finally am getting to this! this is as raw as blogging can get and while blogging now has been so majorly hyped-up, i know and i am clear in my head that i am blogging for my own personal use and if it gets noticed, then, hey, that would be super duper great!

this blog, by the way, is about everything pinterest, and my adventures of trying to recreate all sorts of these perfect ideas that would surely improve our lives in general. i am so addicted with pinterest and now, i am beginning to get proactive, to stop pinning, and to start trying! although i have saved thousands of these great recipes, DIYs, sewing projects and etc., i haven't done any of these projects. what this means is that, although the instructions are all clearly explained and presented, i don't trust myself at all to find the motivation to even try because of the big probability of failure that i am facing. and i was thinking, maybe creating a blog about my would-be pinterest adventures stirs up a motivation in me to even just try. and so here goes! hmmm.. i wonder what would be my first pinteresting project!